LEGO BHV MiniFig stand - rund / transparant_1
Professionally manufactured from ABS plastic (the same plastic used to make Lego® products), these sturdy little accessories will have your minifigs standing on one leg, bending over backwards (or forwards) holding items and all without falling over. Come in 9 colours, Black, Gold, Silver, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Tan, White, Dark Gray and Limited Edition Chrome. Now in Transparent Clear. The large colour range now gives you more options for either highlighting a minifig or blending it into the terrain. Use white when you need to have your minifig in snow or Dark Tan for the desert or Dark Green for grassy fields. Here are some other ideas. Dark Brown for dirt or Dark Gray for concret paths.

The studs on the Minifig Stand have been designed to fit into the base of a minifig's leg assembly and is perfectly balanced, so that just about any pose will not make your Minifig fall. Minifig Stands give your Minifigs the independence to be placed any where, in any pose. For example you can now place the Blaster in the hands of the Battle Droid without it toppling over. The base of the Minifig Stand lets you stack them together for easy storage or to lift your Lego® models up to give that hover look. The Minifig Stands stud design means you can attach them to just about any Lego® part.


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